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Moderation in Politics? Not without some Changes.

by | Mar 24, 2021 | News

The New York Times looks at arguments that the two-party system prevents moderate policies from taking hold in the United States. The piece argues that the political center is most representative of the American people, but polarization from the two-party system prevents the will of the majority from being realized.

We believe the problem of polarization can be resolved (or at least lessened) through the following policies:

  1. Ranked Choice Voting
  2. Forbid governments from acknowledging parties—no more “majority leader” and “minority leader,” no more party labels on ballots, no more partisan primaries. People still have the right to organize into political parties, but the government has no reason to acknowledge those parties and structure itself along party lines.
  3. Campaign finance reform: Voters need to know who is spending money to influence them.
  4. Voter information systems: Voters need to know the details about candidates and they need a source of information that isn’t partisan.

Source: Moderation in Politics? Not without some Changes.

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